Margrethe-Kog North

Project area 1: Margrethe-Kog Nord (See map)
Project area 1 forms the northern part of Margrethe-Kog and comprises 248 hectares. The area is located in the southwest corner of Tønder Municipality between Emmerlev Klev and Vidåslusen west of the town of Højer.
The area was originally wadi areas and grazed foreland areas. When a storm surge in 1976 showed that the older sea dikes could not provide the necessary protection against storm surge, a new joint German-Danish dike was built in 1981 from the Hindenburg Dam to Emmerlev Klev and on the Danish side the new Margrethe-Kog appeared on in total about 1100 hectares. The areas in the boil were then no longer affected by the dynamics of the sea and the influence of salt water and could partly be laid out as a nature reserve and partly for agriculture. The Vidå stream divides Margrethe-Kog into a northern and a southern part. After the dam, the northern part was cultivated and artificially drained with pumping and has since been used for intensive agriculture.
The project area is bounded by the new and the old dike as well as a dam along Vidå.

A few years after the new boil was established, conservation regulations were established for the entire boil, which, however, enabled an intensive agricultural use of the areas in the project area. The other areas in the boil outside the project area were limited to extensive agriculture (grazing area) and nature.

Current application.
The project area is currently used as intensively cultivated agricultural land. The area has a high safety of cultivation, as it is artificially drained with a pumping station that pumps excess rainwater and drainage water out of the area and into the Vidåen.