Bird species

The bird species of the project

The project areas in Rikkelbøl Kog and Margrethe-Kog nord have been designated as bird protection areas and are part of a network of protected nature areas in the EU, the so-called Natura2000 areas. The Natura2000 sites must preserve and protect wildlife and plant species that are rare, endangered or characteristic of EU countries.

When an area has been designated as a bird protection area, this means that a favorable conservation status must be ensured or restored in the area for the various bird species for which the area has been designated.

Favorable conservation status means that the species are adequately protected so that habitats do not decline and that the species can maintain viable stocks in the long term. If the conservation status of the species is not met, active efforts must be made to restore the nature and habitats of the designated species in the area.

The basis for the effort is the so-called Natura 2000 plans. The plans determine the bird species that are in play.

LIFE Wadden Sea Birds targets the area's designated bird species, but also supports other bird species. You will find a list of the project's bird species and their conservation status here